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PLAYERS CODE OF CONDUCT for Petal Dixie Softball League
1. NO PLAYER SHALL: Refuse to abide by an officials decision, threaten an official, or at any time lay a hand upon, push, shove, or strike an official. Player(s) in this code includes any participant i.e. player, squad member, coach, manager, scorekeeper and/or fan(s).
PENALTY: Official(s) shall eject player(s) from the game and report the incident to the League Office. There is an AUTOMATIC ONE (1) GAME SUSPENSION for any ejected player(s). For any FLAGRANT ACT, suspension remains in effect until final disposition by the
League Office.
2. NO PLAYER SHALL: Demonstrate objection to an officials decision be throwing any object, and no object shall be thrown in any manner, for any reason that an official judges to be dangerous.
PENALTY: Same as rule #1 above.
3. NO PLAYER SHALL: Be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of any opposing player.
PENALTY: Same as rule #1 above.
4. NO PLAYER SHALL: Be guilty of an abusive verbal attack upon any player, official, or spectator. Any use of profanity, obscene or vulgar language in any manner, at any time, will not be tolerated.
PENALTY: Same as rule #1 above.
5. NO PLAYER SHALL: Be responsible for intoxicating substances being in the team area, or use any intoxicating substances, or appear to be in an intoxicating condition. When non-participants are known to have intoxicating substances, players shall remain on the field or in their team area.
PENALTY: Same as rule #1 above.

6. NO PLAYER SHALL: Ride, kid, heckle, poke fun at or in any other manner do anything that in the opinion of the umpire distracts the opposing theam..
          Example: Player fromt the opposing team cannot yell "swing" at the batter, or "the pitcher can't pitch", or "the batter can't hit", posting intimidating signs, i.e K's etc.


7. NO PLAYER SHALL: Smoke while coming off or going onto the field of play or while on the field of play.
PENALTY: Officials are required to warn players guilty of infractions of this rule, and failure of such players to comply will result in player being immediately ejected from the game.

8.  NO PLAYER SHALL: Permit anyone to remain in the team area during the game who is not a roster member of the team. Managers, scorekeepers, bat boys/bat girls are the exception.
PENALTY: Official(s) shall notify a teams manager if this rule is not complied with. Thereafter, failure to cooperate with official(s) in enforcing this rule shall result in forfeiture of the game.
9. LEAGUE OFFICE SHALL: Have the power and full discretion of imposing penalties on all violations of players code of conduct. For any violation not included in the said code, the penalty shall be at the discretion of the League Office.


10. GAME OFFICIALS (UMPIRES) SHALL: Be empowered to call a baserunner out or safe for an act either by her or by a fielder that in the opinion of the umpire is not sportsmanlike conduct.

11. GAME OFFICIALS (UMPIRES) SHALL: Have general authority to handle unsportsmanlike conduct in accordance with P.D.S.L By-Laws Article X
12. THE GAME OFFICIAL IN CHARGE SHALL: Either suspend or declare forfeit any game where in his/her judgment there has been a violation of this code that makes it unsafe to continue the contest.